Creating MIMI is one of the biggest challenges yet most inspiring that we as parents took up to shape and deliver to all the other parents out there.

As Ameli’s and Duam parents we understand the importance of providing to their sensitive skin and low immunity system a safe and healthy habitat. That’s why we started our search on 100% organic baby cloth production.

Together with Eda Gilani, mother of two children and for more than 25 years owner and administrator of a series of successful businesses in the field of fashion, we decided to create a brand where mothers will find the peace to trust the clothing and care of their baby.

Everything is done from the scratch, from the design to the production, up to the certification of the fabric by GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standards).



Our collection consists not only on modern, stylish and innovative design but as well on the importance of producing organic fibers.

The difference in our clothes stands on the fact that every component of our products is extracted from Mother Nature; the thread, the needle, the paint, the buttons, the cotton and many more.
We are presenting to you the entire clean textile supply chain.

Did you know that studies have shown that a baby clothing has important effect on his/her growth, development and psychology? That’s why we brought a collection both safe and healthy for the little ones.

We wish you love our products as much as we love them!