Why mimi’s baby clothes are the best?

Because mimi’s baby clothing are pure organic. Certified by GOTS and produced with lot of love for your little ones.
Each component of the cloth comes directly from Mother Nature. Starting from the cotton, the ink, the thread, the buttons, the zipper, the needle and any other added decorative details on the clothes are organic. As well, our materials are made of 100% from organic cotton, safe for the sensitive baby skin.

There is no formaldehyde, azo, allergen, carcinogen in the dye used in printing. The products are certified according to GOTS OEKO-TEX standards. All the other used accessories are certified by OEKO-TEX. With the number of certificates that come with the product, you can confirm from the relevant organizations that each stage of production is done with strict observation. Chains, fasteners or metal parts found in products are produced using products without “nickel” YKK. We are happy to confirm that each piece of our collection offers the best feeling to your child.


The set is created to offer both to the mothers and the babies a strong bond while the cloth touches their skin. Studies have shown that baby’s clothes have significant effects on their growth, development and psychology. Mim’s fabrics are comfortable, ergonomic, clean and trustful. You will notice a big difference on your child behavior once you dress them with our products, as self-confidence and much happier faces.

For us is very important to bring patterns, fabrics, embellishments and cuts that are appropriate for the baby’s body and that do not cause any physical discomfort. Last but not least, the design are unique, playful, simple and at the same time modern.Because we as mimi love the planet, we are proud to say that our products are eco-friendly, baby friendly and mom friendly.
Fabric characteristic: 95% cotton 5% elasticity

Tips for washing:
Non-organic clothing is made with pesticides that are linked to impaired brain development in foetuses and infants. As a result, we advise that you wash organic baby clothes separately, or with other organic garments.
Air dry is preferable